Jewel Quest Game Review Download and Play Free Version!

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  • takes users to websites that paid to be advertised.
  • The file DOES sync to my other devices, but it doesn’t get a Dropbox badge of any kind.
  • They began their journey to uncover the mysteries of the famed jewel boards of ancient Greece.
  • You must make matches of three or more special jewels.
  • We recommend that you keep the latest backup, but if you have a copy in the iCloud, you may proceed to complete cleanup.

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When you get to the “Additional settings” screen, click “Change settings” and make sure the “Clean data” and “Delete files from all drives” options are enabled. Judging by the state of our shared inbox, though, the opposite is also true.

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In addition to crystals in the Jewel Quest game, there are coins, which, also collecting three in a row, will allow you to remove one crystal from the playing field. The goal of each level is to turn all the tiles into gold, while it is necessary to meet the deadlines. As the game progresses, the gameplay becomes more complicated, fields of irregular shape and the location of crystals in hard-to-reach places appear. Once the Jewel Solitaire is shown in the iTunes listing of your iOS device, you can start its download and installation. Tap on the GET button to the right of the app to start downloading it. Chain reactions are sometimes created by making a match that leads to other matches falling into place on the board automatically as new relics settle and claim the empty space.

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